Grow Your PPH Shop

Agents are looking to grow their shop business and now is the perfect time to do exactly that with a state-of-the-art pay per head. The pay per head industry, better known as (PPH), has built software for agents that can’t be matched and what they are now offering is a turnkey package that comes loaded with online sports, horses, and games. When you sign up with the PPH, you get all three in one at no additional charge.

The PPH providers charge a set fee per head, per week. If its’ $7, or $10, you know that you will not be charged more than the weekly per head fee. The reason for the fluctuation in price is based on the level of service. Should you choose to elect phone plays for your clients, you will pay the extra. There are more add-ons as well, but the charge will never be more than $10 per head. You should discuss this with a friendly agent on the phone when setting up your account.

You are only charged once per week with unlimited plays for your clients and unlimited access to 24/7 customer service on a toll-free hotline that’s accessible from the United States.

The time is now to get moving and call the best PPH in the business. You can’t afford to not be online and you must make the most of every opportunity. The games are a moneymaker, the horses bring the loyal players and you have nothing to lose by asking for a free trial and finding out for yourself what the excitement is all about.

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